Trees, Hedges, Flock and Scatter Materials

 Hexon Battlefield showing selection of trees and Hexon terrain features

The K&M trees have been specially selected for their quality and realism. Please note the trees are supplied without bases. These are available to purchase separately, see below.

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 K&M Trees and Hedges

selection of trees from our K&M range

KMHDG Small Hedge (150mm length) - Price per Hedge £2.25 Out of Stock

25mm Trees
KMDG25 Deciduous Green (25mm) - Price per Tree £0.90
KMDX25 Deciduous Autumn/Blossom (25mm) - Price per Tree £0.90
KMF25 Fir (25mm) - Price per Tree £0.90

38mm Trees
KMDG38 Deciduous Green (38mm) - Price per Tree £1.20
KMDX38 Deciduous Autumn/Blossom (38mm) - Price per Tree £1.20

50mm Trees
KMDG50 Deciduous Green (50mm) - Price per Tree £1.60
KMDX50 Deciduous Autumn/Blossom (50mm) - Price per Tree £1.60
KMF50 Fir (50mm) - Price per Tree £1.60

70mm Trees
KMDG70 Deciduous Green (70mm) - Price per Tree £2.25
KMDX70 Deciduous Autumn/Blossom (70mm) - Price per Tree £2.25

90mm Trees
KMF90 Fir (90mm) - Price per Tree £2.60

Pewter Cast Tree Bases (Suitable for 38mm-70mm Trees)

Pewter Tree Bases
TBASE Pewter Tree Base - Price per Tree Base £0.65
TBASEP Pewter Tree Base Pack of 10 £6.50

Looking for Forest Bases?

You may like to take a look at the Forest Bases, ideal for setting the position of the wooded areas on the battlefied. Place the forest bases on the battlefield and add trees! The trees can be removed from the forest bases to allow troops to move into the wooded area, and replaced as they leave! Click here

 Noch Flock

N50210 Noch Flock - Spring Meadow - 100g Bag £9.50
50210sm Noch Spring Meadow Flock - 50g Bag £4.25
N50200 Noch Flock - Marsh Green - 100g Bag £9.50
50200sm Noch Marsh Green Flock - 50g Bag £4.25


 K&M Scatter Material   

K&M Collection of Scatter Material

A range of fade-resistant scatter materials supplied in resealable bags for mess-free storage. K&M Scatter can be used individually or blended together to produce subtle variations in colour. 

K&M Scatter (25g bags)
KM1S Grass Green - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM2S Mediun Olive - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM3S Light Olive - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM4S Dark Olive - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM5S Mustard Green - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM6S Bright Mid Green - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM8S Dull Mid Green - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM11S Bitter Chocolate - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM13S Bottle Green - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM14S Golden Sands - (25g Bag) £3.50
KM15S Maroon - (25g Bag) £3.50



Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website's photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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