Hexon Terrain Features

These terrain features are thermoformed using a light weight, strong, tough, durable high impact polymer. As shell mouldings, they can stack inside each other for easy, space efficient storage. Designed to 'sit' on top of Hexon terrain boards, but can be used independently. They are available in Light Brown and Ready Flocked.

Latest additions to the Hexon Terrain System:

 click 1-Hex Trench Set 2click

New Just ReleasedNew 1-Hex Trench Set 2New Just Released

Select the area you wish to visit:

Hills, Escarpments, Mountains and Slopes

Roads, Brooks/Streams, Rivers and Lakes

Roads, Brooks, Lakes and Rivers 

10-15mm Gaming Trenches/Earthworks, Strongpoints

Pulverised Ground and clickCratersclick

10-15mm Gaming Trenches and  Strongpoints



Pulverised Ground andclickCratersclick

28mm trench selection


Single hex lakeSingle hex terrain features

Forest Bases and Templates

Forest Bases and Templates

Please note: The 'flocked' features* have been flocked using Noch 50210 (Spring Meadow) the same as we use on the Green and Green/Earth Hexon Boards. (*except the forest bases and the desert terrain features)


Anti-Slip Backing
ASLP Anti-Slip Base Backing - (A4 Sheet) £3.50
ASLP-ST Anti-Slip Base Backing Strip - (34mm x 300mm approx.) £0.75


Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website's photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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