Hexon GridTM Paper

Hexon grid paper, to help with planning your battleground!

Kallistra has designed a range of Hexon Grids to help you plan your battlefield layout. We have often been asked how many boxes are required for a particular table size. The actual number of boards used for a particular layout does vary depending on the board orientation. Below is a sample of different layouts, we hope the Hexon Grids will help you in planning your battlefield. After printing the file, the position of roads, rivers, terrain feature and fortifications can be sketched on the Hexon Grid TM making it easier for you to visualise your layout.

Simply click on the images below, the pdf will open in a new window, then print the pdf.

3ft x 4ft approx - One Box of Hexon

3 x 4 layout 3 x 4 layout


6ft x 4ft approx - Two Boxes of Hexon


3 x 4 layout 3 x 4 layout


Board Games to Wargames using 113 hex layout can use 18 boards and 5 single hexes. (This layout can be used for games such as Memoir '44 , Commands & Colours R and others.)


  3 x 4 layout

Layouts suitable for Tricorne Commands & Colours R

Commands and Colours Suggested Hexon layout               Commands and Colors - suggested Hexon layout


4ft x 8ft approx - Two Boxes of Hexon + individual boards

4 x 8 layout


6ft x 6ft approx - Two Boxes of Hexon + individual boards

6 x 6 layout


5ft x 10ft approx - Four Boxes of Hexon + individual boards

5 x 10ft layout


6ft x 12ft approx - Six Boxes of Hexon

6 x 12ft layout





Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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