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Below are some films/clips and photos for your enjoyment.

Click on the one you'd like to view. All the files are on our YouTube Channel: KallistraLtd. If you like them or find them interesting  please let us know. You can 'like' and/or leave a comment on our Youtube channel!

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We will be adding more clips and films to our  YouTube Channel,

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Imperial Roman v Dacia

Celtic Hordes attack the Roman Legion

Roman Army Ready for Battle

Celtic Army Ready for Battle

Battle of Cambrai

Hammerhead Show 2017

Painting the MkIV Tank

The March of the Undead 

Hammerhead Show 2016

A quick demonstration showing
how to set up your Hexon terrain boards

The First Battle of Ypres 1914

The Battle of Agincourt

Salute 2014 - The Battle of the Marne

Hammerhead Show 2015 - Part 1

Hammerhead Show 2015 - Part 2

Ever wondered how Hexon single hexes are made?

Hammerhead Wargames Show 2014
Open Gaming event at Newark Showground

French and British Advance 1914

Selection of images
Romano British fort attacked by Saxon Invaders

Pictures from an
American War of Independence game

Medieval Mongols v Teutonic Order
Teutonic Order defends its castle against an invading Mongol army.

A selection of photos from 
Battle of Hastings game

Images from 
The Battle of Crecy

Photos from an Anteitam Game
using our ACW miniatures

Selection of images from a
Hordes & Heroes Medieval game

A selection of
Hordes and Heroes Fantasy armies in action!

Kallistra Hordes & Heroes Medieval Participation Game
at Partizan 2013, Kelham Hall, Newark

We will be adding more clips and films to our YouTube Channel, subscribe to our channel, it costs nothing, and you will be able to keep up to date with our latest productions!




Note: Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, the colour tone of the website photos and the actual items may be slightly different.

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