Some Frequently Asked Questions



In response to feed back from players of SD3K the answers to some of your questions have been posted here.

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Q1 How long should a normal game take to play?
  A normal game can be completed in an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of fleets engaged.
 Q2 Do you need an exact strike value of 18 to destroy a Naval Base?
  No, a score of 18 or over is required.
 Q3 Do I need SD3000 spaceship models to play the game or can any spaceship models be used?
  No! as long as the model carries a ship identification code as outlined in the rules, then any models can be used.
 Q4 What size table is required to play the game?

This depends upon whether you intend to use models or counters. If using models in conjunction with hexes measuring 30cm across flats, a 6ft x 4ft table is required. However, if using counters to represent the spaceships, and hexes measuring 17cm across flats, a table measuring 3ft 6" x 2ft 6" is perfectly adequate.

Counters and 17cm Hex can be downloaded free from the Downloads page.

 Q5 When 2 friendly Task Forces occupy the same Hex, why can't they combine and redistribute their ships?

This issue has promoted much discussion. As a result Optional Rule 8 has been produced in response to feedback from SD3K players.


Optional Rule 8

Re-distribution of ships between Task Forces.

When two friendly Task Forces occupy the same Hex, their constituent ships become combined as one force. After the combat phase, there is a redistribution phase when the remaining vessels can be re-allocated to either Task Force. This is achieved by simply placing the ships or counters next to the appropriate Task Force marker.

If after the combat phase, only one vessel survives (excluding fighter swarms), then one of the Task Force markers is removed from play.

A pdf. file containing Optional Rule 8 can be found on the Free Downloads Page.



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