[H&HM] zoc, disrupted and protection questions

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[H&HM] zoc, disrupted and protection questions

Post by HyPo » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:48 am


We have played our two first games of H&HM. here are a few questions that we haven't resolved with the rules.

- What happen when a disrupted unit become disrupted one more time. disband?

- A A2 protection provided by forest does changed a A2 unit to A4? (it is said supplemental protection). but village give a protection A2 not a supplemtal protection. I am right?

- a disrupted unit does still have a ZOC?

- can two unit of combined arms changed their formation in a enemy ZOc?

- and just for the concept: who is considered as the attaquer in combat phase? the unit of the player that is the mouvement phase or the one is contacting a ennemy unit?

I have a little searched in the forum, and hope those questions are not already asked.

Thanks and have a good Game !

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Re: [H&HM] zoc, disrupted and protection questions

Post by Paul K » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:55 am

Hi Hypo,
Your questions answered below:

What happens when a disrupted unit becomes disrupted one more time?
It stays disrupted. It can't become double disrupted. The disruption marker can only be removed when it is nolonger in hex-to-hex contact (ZOC) of an enemy unit, at the end of its sides movement phase.

A1 and A2 protection:
A unit with A2 armoured protection in a wood or built-up area adds an extra A2 to A4. An extreme example would be a unit with A2 armour, with pavisses, in a wood hex giving A6 protection against bow, A4 against crossbow (the pavisses and unit armour both reduced to A1), and A2 against hand -held gunpowder weapons which negate all amoured protection apart from that aforded by the wood (or built-up area).

Does a disrupted unit still have a zone of control? Yes

Can two unit(s) of combined arms change their formation in an enemy ZOC?

Stands cannot be interchanged between units if either is in an enemy ZOC. However, units in hand-to-hand combat (within enemy ZOC) can change formation from column to line or visa versa during their sides tactical movement phase as long as they are not currently disrupted.

Who is considered to be the attacker in the combat phase?

I suppose that any unit making contact with an enemy unit can be considered to be the attacker, however, the side that has just completed its tactical movement phase always chooses in which order the single and multiple hand-to-hand combats are resolved. This can give a distinct advantage to the moving/attacking side.

I hope the above is helpful. Please don't hesitate to get back to me if further clarification is required.
Kind regards


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