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Post by Cudders » Wed Mar 10, 2021 12:59 pm

Hi All,

Just bought my first Kallistra Wars of the Roses Figures.

Well what cracking figures they are.

Been toying with 10mm/15/Perrys 28s. Decided on Kallistra as the variety of poses if far in excess of the others and no building each figure before you start! I'll post some pics of my first test with the brushes tonight :)

I also game Napoleonics (10mm and 6mm) and English Civil War(10mm). Just building these up after a few years out.



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Re: Hello

Post by DiscoStuart » Fri Apr 30, 2021 10:58 am


I am thinking of building up a 10mm Napoleonics army and to that end bought 2 sets of rules "Blucher" and the newly released "Lasalle" 2nd edition. They both read well but I think the Lasalle rules sound the better ones. I do have the hex-based Napoleonic rules based on Kallistra Hoards and Heroes rules which I would also like to try. I have 4 boxes of hex tiles I have never used that need to be used once I find an opponent.




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