Hordes and Heroes Fantasy: High Elves v Orcs

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Hordes and Heroes Fantasy: High Elves v Orcs

Post by Paul K » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:11 am

In these strange times we decided to do something a little different and run a Hordes and Heroes Fantasy game pitting a 200 point Orc and High Elf army against each other.
Tony and Tim would be the key generals from their remote vantage points while Chris and I had the task of moving the miniatures on the table as per their instructions and also rolling the dice. Chris was mover-in-chief for Tim and I for Tony. The terrain layout was fairly open with hills and forests generally located towards the edges of the board.
The dice decided first deployment and first move and both armies quickly advanced towards each other to gain the ground in the open centre of the field. Then, just as quickly both came to a halt with the wizards to the fore. After a number of failed attempts to evoke fire and earth elementals – there was no water features on the table, so no water elementals. Tim finally succeeded evoking a fire elemental which disrupted Tony’s centre. In response Tony initiated an attack against Tim’s left wing, skirting around the hexes effected by the fire elemental. His wolf riders and Orc spears advancing in the cover of woodland – this offered some needed protection from the rather useful High Elf archers.
In the centre the gladiatorial battle of the wizards continued as Tony also managed to evoke a fire elemental. The damage inflicted by both elementals was quite limited but did restrict movement by adding additional temporary ‘terrain features’ to the open ground in the centre. Tim avoided contact with Tony’s advancing wolf riders on his left by pulling back his archers and his one unit of treemen. This, in hindsight was perhaps a mistake because it opened the way for Tony’s trolls and mountain orcs to attack Tim’s centre left. At the same time a fire elemental destroyed a unit of High Elf spears defending a central 3 hex woodland which heralded a central advance by the Orc army.
Tim’s High Elf cavalry units on his right which he had been holding back now advanced against the Giants and Trolls which formed Tony’s left wing. These units had been holding position in a 3 hex wood and now advanced out to meet the challenge which resulted in an epic battle over a 3 hex hill which was to rage for a good number of combat phases. Eventually it was the combat dice which delivered the key wins for Tony in what had been a very even struggle which could have gone either way.
With most units from both sides now engaged in hand-to-hand combat across the table there was little opportunity for the opposing wizards to evoke any more elementals, and instead used their double D6 combat dice as they got stuck-in! Tim’s archers found their targets and sent orc units fleeing but the hand-to-hand combats started to favour the orc army. The defeat of the High Elf cavalry by the giants and trolls on Tony’s left compounded by the loss of one of the two High Elf generals in the centre swung what had been a pretty even game in favour of the orcs.
Tim’s treemen and High Elves of his left wing stood victorious and defiant, but with the centre and right all but defeated they would soon be swamped by hordes of rampant orcs and so it was game over!
Game Analysis

This game turned into a very even contest which lasted nearly 3 hours as neither side was able to gain any significant advantage. The pendulum swung both ways for quite a while before Tony’s Orc army won the hand-to-hand battles in the centre and left despite being soundly beaten on the right.
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