H&HM Ottoman Turks v Korean Medieval

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H&HM Ottoman Turks v Korean Medieval

Post by Paul K » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:37 pm

The Ottoman army in this game consisted of ‘B’ class Jannisary infantry and three units of elite ‘A’ Quapakulu guard cavalry, plus the ubiquitous Akinci and Sipahis cavalry. The Korean army had 5 light and 6 heavy ‘B’ class cavalry plus ‘C’ class infantry spearmen and handgunners. Both armies had 5 generals.
The Korean cavalry deployed on the right with the artillery positioned on the central hill overlooking the road.
Karl kindly chose and placed the terrain pieces which gave the players a central road crossing from one table edge to the other at an angle. There was a scattering of low hills and small woods across the table with a very central 8 hex hill close to one table edge. This hill provided an excellent elevated platform for the artillery and when the Koreans (Tim, Chris and I), won the di roll for choice of table edge, this is where the Korean heavy cannon were placed.
The Ottoman Sipahis and Akinjis cavalry form a shooting line.
The Ottoman commanders (Dave and Tony), deployed first, concentrating the Janissaries on their right and the vast bulk of the cavalry on the left. The Koreans matched this deployment with cavalry facing cavalry, infantry infantry facing infantry and with the artillery of both sides in the middle.
Korean spearmen and handgunners advance either side of the road.
Korean cavalry advance quickly and form a battle line.
Tim, Chris, and I put our heads together and formed a game plan; move quickly to attack and defeat the Ottoman cavalry with the superior Korean cavalry before engaging the tougher Janissaries with a frontal infantry assault and a simultaneous flank attack with remaining cavalry. When we were given first move, our cavalry moved quickly forward to enact the first stage of this plan.
Dave and Tony ponder on what to do about the quick advance of the Korean cavalry.
The Ottoman Janissaries start the slow advance against the Korean infantry.
A shooting match between the Korean light cavalry units and the Ottoman Sipahis and Akinci cavalry. Tim’s infantry advanced in support of the cavalry in the centre while his artillery on the 8 hex hill opened fire on the Ottoman artillery in a long range artillery duel. There was a large gap between Chris’s Korean infantry and the slowly advancing Janissaries, and this bought us time for the Korean cavalry to try and defeat the Ottoman cavalry before the Janissaries could get involved in the action.
The Korean spearmen prepare to engage the Janissaries
In order to try and pin back, thus restricting the movement options of Tony’s Ottoman cavalry, I pushed the Korean cavalry far forward of Tim’s infantry, which resulted in the loss of units on both sides in the resulting shooting match in which the left wing of my cavalry became badly exposed to concentrated bow fire. This was the first of a number of blunders!
The opposing cavalry units go head to head in the decisive engagement of the game.
Meanwhile, Chris’s Korean spearmen and handgunners had taken up a strong defensive position along the road left of centre, which offered good protection from the shooting of Dave’s advancing Janissary handgunners. Tim’s heavy cannon had already inflicted losses on the Ottoman artillery and this enabled him to advance 2 units of bombards and handgunners to add support to the left flank of the Korean cavalry.
The Ottoman cavalry attack the exposed flank of the Korean line.
In the continuing cavalry engagement on the left, the ‘B’ class Korean cavalry had in a battle of attrition, gained the advantage over the weaker ‘C’ class Ancis and Sipahis. However, the 3 units of ‘A’ class Quapakulu heavy cavalry were still held back in reserve. My plan had been to try and get 1 or 2 units of Korean light cavalry around the flank and behind the Quapakulu, force them to recoil through concentrated shooting, thus eliminate them without engaging in hand-to-hand combat. With my light cavalry blocking any recoil or flee move this would have been a game winning move. However, Tony spotted the danger and moved 2 units of cavalry across behind the Quapakulu and in what was a vital, if sacrificial move, stopped the Korean out-flanking action.
The Koreans are defeated in the key Qapukulu v Korean cavalry combat.
The Korean infantry under the control of Chris and Tim were holding the Janissaries from advancing to take control of the central road, but I wasn’t sure how long this could be maintained.
The victorious Qapukulu pursue the defeated Korean cavalry.
So I decided to attack the 3 units of Quapakulu head on with my Korean heavy cavalry. This was another major blunder; in what should have been an even contest the dice gods helped Tony demolish my heavy cavalry. I should have pulled back into a shooting line until my flanking cavalry were in position. The victorious Quapakulu then pursued my now fleeing and disrupted cavalry and general. The resulting command and control problems paved the way for a very decisive Ottoman victory.

Game analysis
The Korean game plan was all goping to plan until the very last act of the game. Chris and Tim had played their roles well, holding back the Janissaries, out shooting the Ottoman artillery and controlling the central road long enough for the Korean cavalry to gain the ground and pin the Ottoman cavalry back. I moved against the Ottoman heavy cavalry perhaps a move to early, before my flanking cavalry had defeated their weaker opponents and were ready to sweep around the rear of the Quapakulu. Dave and Tony held their nerve under pressure and delivered the combat results when needed to break the Korean cavalry and achieve a solid victory.
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Re: H&HM Ottoman Turks v Korean Medieval

Post by Flanker27S » Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:02 pm

Thanks for the AAR, I'm looking for a powder-age wargame to play as I'm only playing Cold War Gone Hot themed rules so far, and it's cool to see that this one allows so much flexibility in terms of engagements, I'll make sure to give H&H Medieval a try!

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