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Confirmed Participation Games List

Post by Sally » Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:40 pm

There are 25 participation games booked into the main central gaming area of the venue. We have a good mix of genre and scales, we are sure you'll find a selection of games you would like to play, something for everyone!
  • American War of Independence Battle - 12mm - Fast play hex based rules (Kallistra)

    Battle of Domyoji 1615 - 28mm - War & Conquest (Scarab)

    Command Horizon - 6mm (Wargames Emporium)

    Deadzone (Mantic)

    Dragon Boat Racing - 28mm (Doncaster wargames Club)

    Germans vrs Russians - Manouvre Group (144th moderns) (KB Club)

    Hammer's Slammers - The Crucible Rules (South London Warlords)

    Hostilities at Haribo ( Leicester Phat Cats)

    Kelly's Heroes Scenario 1 - Bolt Action rules (Sarge Wargames Doncaster)

    Kelly's Heroes Scenario 2 - Bolt Action rules (SWD)

    Kelly's Heroes Scenario 3 - Bolt Action rules (SWD)

    Memoir '44 - (Forest Outlaws Wargamers)

    Muskets and Tomahawks (FOW)

    Once Upon a Time - IHMN: Storybook (COGS)

    Operation Achilles - Dust Tactics - 28mm (Battlefront Europe Gaming Club)

    Patio Wars (Peterborough Wargames Club)

    Raid on Toturimoto Soko - 15mm (Sons of Simon De Montfort)

    Relics - StitchPunk - 28mm (WE)

    Saving Private Ryan - Bolt Action rules (Chesterfield Open Gaming Society)

    Seize the Bridge - Flames of War - 15mm (COGS)

    Shaun of the Dead (Bingham & District Wargamers)

    Spaceship Combat (FOW)

    Tuetonic Order v Mongol Invaders - 12mm - Hordes & Heroes Medieval (Kallistra)

    Where Eagles Land - 28mm (Lancaster Wargames Club)

    Witch Racing (Grantham Strategy Club)
Hammerhead Participation games

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