WW1 hand to hand question

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WW1 hand to hand question

Post by armstp » Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:07 am

I have just read through theWW1 rules quickly and I am a bit confused about when in the sequence of play infantry hand to hand combat occurs and the exact mechanics of it.
Do I need to commence my movement phase adjacent to the enemy unit, and then if I have sufficient non suppressed stands I can just move them in displacing the enemy. Is that the whole move for the stands moving in or given they have only moved 1 hex could they move another hex [subject to enemy ZOC rules of course]?
Or is there some separate hand to hand phase?

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Re: WW1 hand to hand question

Post by Paul K » Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:11 am

Sorry for the delayed reply – I’ve been away for a few days!
The close assault or ‘hand-to-hand’ combat move must start from an adjacent hex to the one that is being assaulted. This constitutes the entire move for those stands involved in the close assault move despite the fact that they have only moved 1 hex and not their normal movement allowance of 2 hexes. No further close assault occurs until the next movement phase, which means that any displaced enemy units might be able to close assault back into the original hex following their sides ‘fire’ phase.
Any hex containing the maximum number of 4 stands (suppressed or un-suppressed), cannot be close assaulted until their number is reduced to 3 stands or less by shooting.
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