Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

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Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

Post by wargamer1979 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:42 pm

Hello Everybody

Battle of Bosworth - King Richard III v Henry Tudor (Earl of Richmond) - 21st August 1485

Here is a youtube video reconstruction thats quite nice to watch - well produced.

Hope you are having a nice evening. I am looking for some advice on how best to use Hordes and Heroes Historical miniatures for one of the key battles of the Wars of the Roses. The Battle of Bosworth was the last concluding battle of the 30 years of conflicts.

I have drawn what might be an initial set up for the armies and am looking for some advice on which of the packs to use to make up the components of the sub armies for the Yorkists and Lancastrians. (See below) What is the difference between the Retinue and Levy please?

Also if you have any advice on painting Wars of the Roses miniatures please drop a post.

The following for Richard's middle section split into groups:
(1) Billmen we have packs H1002 and H1007
(2) Northern spearmen H1008 (Actually spearmen are not mentioned in the HH Yorkist table - these are listed as Welsh)
(3) Dismounted men at arms H1016, Mounted men at arms H1005, Large field gun H1014, (Command H1012) for Richard III

Archers stood at the front H1001 and 1006

Northumberland's men mainly had horses:
Mounted men at arms H1005
Mounted sergeants H1018
Dismounted men at arms H1016
(Command H1012) for Northumberland

Northern spearmen H1008
(Command H1012) for Norfolk


Henry: & Oxford:
Dismounted men at arms H1016
Archers H1001 and 1006
(Command H1012) for Henry VII

Stanley's Men
Dismounted men at arms H1016
Archers H1001 and 1006
(Command H1012) for Stanley

Hope to hear your advice - please drop a post.

Best wishes


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Re: Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

Post by skid1884 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:21 pm

Hi Graham,

I have recently started a King Richard III, Battle of Bosworth themed army. This is my first foray into Kallistra minatures and painting at 12mm scale.
As you probably know, due to the lack of accurate accounts from that time it is difficult to to get a firm idea on the numbers that each army consisted of.

To help me with assembling my army I decided to get hold of the Osprey Publishing book 'Bosworth 1485'. I have found this book helpful in determining the troop types and numbers that I would need, there is even a section at the back of the book on wargaming which provides advice on how to replicate the Battle of Bosworth on the table top.

The H&H Medeival Rules explain that 4 stands of infantry represents 200 men and 4 stands of Cavalry 100 men. Using this calculation and the Osprey book I have created the following army list:

King Richard III (H1012)
1,000 Billmen (H1009/H1002: 5 PACKS)
2,000 Pikemen (H1017: 10 PACKS)

Duke of Norfolk (H1012)
1,200 Archers (H1001: 6 PACKS)
200 Armoured Knights (H1016: 1 PACK)

Earl of Northumberland
2,000 Billmen (H1002/H1009: 10 PACKS)
1,500 Cavalry (H1005/H1011: 15 PACKS)

Large Field Gun (H1014: 1 PACK)

I purchased my first 6 packs at Partizan a couple of weeks ago so it will be a long way to go before I get a finished army.

My understanding of the difference between levy and retinue is not clear either so it would be helpful if someone could provide us with an explanantion?



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Paul K
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Re: Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

Post by Paul K » Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:49 am

Hi Mark,

Retinue troops were raised and financed as a professional or semi-profession troops by their local Lord who they 'retained' in position. They were usually well equipped with good quality weapons and protective clothing as well as being well trained and drilled.

Levy troops were generally local peasants and artisans with lower quality weapons, protection and training raised often at relatively short notice to reinforce retinue troops in times of need or crisis.

I'm not sure how accurate the terms 'spearmen' and 'pikemen' are in the Osprey publication. Units of Continental Pikemen were certainly present in WOTR armies along with other contingents of mercenaries. I think spearmen should be interpreted as 'billmen' as the bill hook was the primary weapon of non - missile infantry during this period.
Kind regards


David Frampton
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Re: Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

Post by David Frampton » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:05 pm

If you are into heraldry, Freezywater publications (available from Lance & Longbow stand at shows) have a superb range of heraldic banners and flags. They also have a magazine devoted to the era. Lots of uniform info available via them.

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Re: Wars of The Roses - Battle of Bosworth

Post by skid1884 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:30 pm

Many thanks for the replies.
I will keep a look out for the Freezywater publications



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