Square Kallistra for RPG's and Dungeon Crawls

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Square Kallistra for RPG's and Dungeon Crawls

Post by wargamer1979 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:14 pm

Hello everybody,

Further to the bespoke items thread - I thought I would start a new thread on "square kallistra".

I was thinking manufacturing some form of square tile that clips together with the existing kallistra clips might be useful for people who enjoy RPG's and dungeon crawls. Squares could be of different terrain types for the RPG characters to travel through. I would probably make the squares around an inch so that 28mm minis could be used.

This week I have been leaning to play "Rivet Wars" which also uses squares - in this game 4 sub squares make a larger square for up to four small units or two "rectangles" or one really large unit.

I have never tried Role Playing Games properly - but do people think this might work and be useful in some form?

Hope to hear your views.

Best wishes


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Re: Square Kallistra for RPG's and Dungeon Crawls

Post by Norm » Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:02 am

Peter Pig has commercial rules that use squares (large 5 or 6 inch), also the new Ancient 'To The Strongest' use them, so there is at least a viable and probably increasing demand out there, although I think some of that comes from people who want to make up their own board and find it easier to make squares than hexes.

The dungeon crawler gamers are using much smaller square systems for making up rooms and corridors (as does Space Hulk - which has a big following). There are also some gamers using 1" and 2" hexes (or adapting the Horoscape hexes), so whether you could manufacture a tile that somehow tapped into those multiple interests, might increase the viability of manufacture.

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