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Hammerhead 2018

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:59 pm
by Sally
Hammerhead 2018 is being run by Kallistra Ltd with assistance from the Forest Outlaws Wargamers Club and GCN.


Hammerhead 2018 is to be held on 3rd March at the same great location - Newark Showground. The ‘Gamers Lounge’ (Cedric Ford Pavilion) and the George Stephenson Hall, offer a welcoming environment with plenty of natural light in which you can play games, shop for wargame goods from a selection of top traders positioned around the perimeter of the halls. The visitor participation games are all located in the central area of the exhibition hall and Gamers lounge. There are two separate catering facilities which will be serving a variety of reasonably priced hot and cold food throughout the day and a fully licensed bar is located in the Gamers Lounge.


Gamers Lounge with bar and catering Plus

The George Stephenson Exhibition Hall with bistro

Car Parking Area
The car parking is plentiful and free and is located between the Gamers Lounge and the George Stephenson Exhibition Hall.

Come and join us for the Hammerhead 2018 experience!

Re: Hammerhead 2018

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:45 pm
by Paul K
Hammerhead 2018 - Less than 4 weeks to go!

The Hammerhead 2018 floor plans are now available to view on the Hammerhead website. Over the last four years the show has grown into one of the biggest one day events in the UK, with 3900 square metres of space, sixty of the very best traders and manufacturers, and a similar number of high quality participation games and activities for visitors to enjoy. New for this year, Wargames Illustrated are running a painting completion based in the massive George Stevenson Exhibition Hall, and the DBA Northern Cup competition will once again be based in ‘The Gamers Lounge.’

For the Visitors
Newark Showground is located less than five minutes from the A1 a short distance along the A46, and there is virtually unlimited free parking directly outside both halls with dedicated disabled parking spaces. When you arrive, with three points of entry we will get you into the show quickly and efficiently and not have you standing in a long que outside. The large number and diverse range of traders in attendance means that there should be ‘something for everybody’ in terms of wargame products. We have a number of new traders and manufacturers for 2018 as well as the very popular tabletop sales, ‘bring and sell.’ All games and activities are public participation and you can collect the slips from each game you play to enter the prize draw. ‘The Gamers Lounge’ has proved extremely popular with visitors and offers good catering, a licensed bar and plenty of comfy chairs and tables where you can ‘chill’ and socialise with fellow gamers.

The Game Presenters
The participation games and activities are very much the beating heart of Hammerhead and have been the key ingredient in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With plenty of games and activities to play and do, Hammerhead has become a ‘stay all day’ show with many gamers continuing to play until 4.30pm. The large range of different game genres, terrain, models, scales and rule systems on offer is testament to the generosity and enthusiasm that the various wargame clubs, groups and individuals bring to both the show and the hobby. As a small gesture of thanks, there is a separate prize draw in which presenters can win vouchers to spend at the show.

Manufacturers and Traders
As a fellow trader/manufacturer, we are committed to keeping trade stand prices as cheap as possible, and at the same time the space allocated as generous as possible – each stand has a guaranteed minimum depth of 8ft and the trade stand price has remained at £50 per 6ft frontage for the fourth consecutive year. It has been the year on year increase in visitor numbers that has been the key factor in ensuring the continued financial viability of the show. Trader access to both the George Stevenson Hall and the ‘Gamers Lounge’ is arguably the best on the show circuit, with the drive-in option available for traders setting-up on the Friday afternoon in the GSH.

Support and Thanks
Hammerhead has enjoyed the support of all the major wargame magazines in promoting the show and in raising its profile. Members of the Forest Outlaws Wargames Club will be providing vital help before, during and after the show with build-up, knock-down, as well as running a good number of participation games and undertaking stewarding duties throughout the day. Sally, has again planned and organised just about everything; the layout for trade stands, participation games and activities, table top sales, website, show guide and liaison with the Showground etc. A considerable task for one person – a very big thank you to her for all her hard work. Hopefully, visitor numbers will increase yet again and help to make Hammerhead 2018 once again a ‘celebration of the hobby.’
Planning the layout for the George Stephenson Hall
Lots of pieces of paper!
Planning the Gamers Lounge layout

Re: Hammerhead 2018

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:41 pm
by Sally
Important Notice


Hammerhead rescheduled to 28th April 2018 due to adverse weather conditions

Due to local adverse weather the police have closed the access road to Newark Showground.

Therefore Hammerhead has been re-scheduled for 28th April 2018.

Please share this information with all contacts and club members.

For more information visit the Hammerhead Showwebsite

Sorry for any inconvenience, these are circumstances beyond our control.

Re: Hammerhead 2018

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:49 am
by Sally
Hammerhead 2018 Update
Hammerhead v ‘The Beast from the East

Below is a general update in regards to the re-scheduling of Hammerhead 2018.
Hammerhead has been re-scheduled for Saturday 28th April. This change will understandably affect a number of traders, game presenters and visitors who may have other commitments on this new date. The following information should clarify areas of concern and address a few issues which have inevitably arisen due to the change of date.

The New Date
Saturday 28th April is the earliest date which Newark Showground can accommodate the re-scheduled Hammerhead.

The Traders
Traders will have their trade space booking automatically transferred to the new date.
Any traders who are unable to attend will receive a full refund, and we will make every effort to accommodate them again at Hammerhead 2019.
Trade space which does become available as a result of date change, will be offered to traders already on the waiting list at the standard early booking price of £50 per 6ft, with a guaranteed minimum stand depth of 8ft.

Game Presenters
All the participation game presenters will be contacted to ascertain their availability on the new date. If they wish to make any changes to their participation e.g. title of game, rule system, size of table required etc., these will be accommodated.
There may be a number of other clubs or groups who would like to come and present a game on the new date, and because the participation games are very much the beating heart of Hammerhead, we will always endeavour to accommodate an extra game or two.

Visitors who bought on-line Tickets
All Hammerhead entry tickets which have been bought on-line will automatically be transferred to the new date. Anyone who has bought an on-line ticket and is unable to attend on the 28th April will receive a full refund via PayPal.

Tabletop Sales Bookings
These will automatically be transferred to the new date. We will contact people within one month of the show to confirm your booking. The table top sales is now closed to new bookings but will open again on 28th March, four weeks before the show, when it will then be possible to book any of the remaining time slots.

A very big thank you to everyone for the help, support and encouragement that we have already received as we start to make preparations for the new show date. A special word of thanks goes to all the folks who shared the information about the postponement of Hammerhead to the later date on the internet. They all helped to disseminate the information so efficiently that on the Saturday morning, at the showground, we had nobody turn up expecting the show to still be on!