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WWII Brits v German: Normandy

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:45 pm
by Paul K
In this scenario we were using the battlegroup rule system, adapted to hexes, to fight a contact engagement between British and German reconnaissance units. The terrain layout was provided by Dave Mack and is typical of the terrain encountered inland from the Normandy beaches.
My German recon unit consisting of 4 SDKFZs, two armed with 20mm cannon and 2 carrying infantry rifle sections advanced along the road towards a small hamlet. The British units were signified by markers. Because they were in ‘ambush’ only when firing or being spotted could they then be identified. This prompted a cautious approach! The yet to be identified British units were on ‘ambush’ orders.
Tony and Chris talk tactics!
I moved a 20mm armed SDKFZ into position behind a low wall in order to give supporting fire against a British held farmhouse. Unfortunately, it was spotted, and hit by a Stuart light tank which revealed itself in the farmyard. This blocked the only firing position which could offer support to any German infantry assaulting the farm.
German AFV's advance along the road
German SDKZ's ready to advance up the road of death!
The rifle and support sections all disembarked from their vehicles and took up position along the hedge lines either side of the road. The road offered the only vehicular root for the SDKFZs to cross the table towards the British positions. For this reason, I attempted to move the infantry into hexes either side of the road to effect a ‘combined arms’ assault along the road towards the farmhouse. Unfortunately, British infantry on the first floor of the farm house successfully spotted and fired upon a German rifle unit eliminating it. On the other side of the road a German support infantry unit was also spotted, fired upon and badly cut-up.
First German SDKFZ brews up!
British Stewart tanks await in 'ambush'.
The German units can’t have been to 'Specsavers'! They had not managed to spot a single British unit, vehicle or infantry so far in the entire game. Despite a quiet prayer to the dice gods this was not about to change. The British infantry section occupying the area of woodland next to the crossroads, made a quick withdrawal behind a hedgerow adjacent to the farmhouse. My blind German infantry failed to spot them as per usual.
British infantry occupy a wood adjacent to the road.
In a rather desperate attempt to make some headway I sent my second 20mm armed SDKFZ in a death or glory charge along the road next to the British held farmhouse. This was successfully spotted by another Stuart and blown to bits! The road was now permanently blocked! A supporting SDKFZ behind the blazing wreck of the first was also spotted and subsequently destroyed by 2 inch mortar fire – the road was now double blocked!
The German attack was effectively over, but one of my poorly sighted German infantrymen must have found a discarded pair of specs because miraculously he spotted a British M3 halftrack behind a hedge. The same guy, I presume, used a panzerfaust to blow-up the aforementioned vehicle, thus recording the only British casualty of the game.
Sterwart knocks out SDKFZ and in doing so blocks the road.
British 2" mortar fire demolishes another German AFV
And so, it came to pass, that by the end of the game my visually challenged (blind!) Germans had lost 3 SDKFZs and 2 infantry sections, but in return, had successfully targeted and destroyed an empty British vehicle! Huzzzah!
British M3 half track ablaze!

Re: WWII Brits v German: Normandy

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:46 am
by Norm
I just love that terrain each time I see it.

Re: WWII Brits v German: Normandy

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:02 pm
by Paul K
Yes, its rather rather good isn't it. Dave Mac should be taking commisions! He uses his own formula scatter and system for flocking.