Teutonic Order v WOTR Tudor

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Teutonic Order v WOTR Tudor

Post by Sally » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:14 pm

The chosen Teutonic Order and WOTR Tudor armies as listed below are both ‘defensive’ H&H armies but with a potential hard punch provided by the 3 units of heavy cavalry and heavy infantry. The mobility of the hobilar units in the Tudor army are more than matched by the 4 units of Teutonic mounted crossbows. However, the Tudor longbow do give the English the shooting advantage, which in turn is negated to a certain extent by the pavisses of the Teutonic crossbow. For these reasons this scenario does provide for a very interesting confrontation in which opportunities for both armies can be created throughout the game.

Teutonic order
Teutonic Knights 3 x 16 (48 points)
Mounted Crossbow 4 x 14 (56 points)
Spearmen 5 x 11 (55 points)
Crossbow 4 x 9 (36 points)
Militia 3 x 6 (18 points)
Pavisses 4 x 2 (8 points)
Generals 4 x 10 (40 points)
Total 261 points

WOTR Tudor
Mounted men at arms 3 x 14 (42 points)
Dismounted men at arms 2 x 13 (26 points)
Hobilars 3 x 8 (24 points)
Retinue longbow 8 x 11 (88 points)
Retinue Billmen 3 x 11 (33 points)
Multi-barrel guns 1 x 8 (8 points)
Stakes 3 x 2 (6 points)
Generals 4 x 10 (40 points)
Total 267 points

Tony and Tim, in charge of the Teutonic Order, had choice of table edge but had to deploy first. The terrain was quite open across both sides of the field giving little or no advantage to either side, and the missile troops found themselves facing each other separated initially by distance with the heavy cavalry hanging back behind. Opening moves saw Tim’s mounted crossbows close quickly on the left wing of Tudors which consisted of longbow and billmen under my command. On the opposite wing Mick’s hobilars closed on the Teutonic left which consisted of spearmen. As neither of these guys were shooters this was the beginning of a cat and mouse sparring match which was to continue for most of the game.
The Tudor army Advances to occupy the 4 hex wood
Four units of mounted crossbows attack the left wing of the Tudor battle line
The longbow closed on the crossbow in the centre of the field and the pavisses of the crossbow negated the shooting of the English longbow units. Tim’s 4 units of mounted crossbows quickly out-flanked the longbow on the English left eliminating one unit and forcing another to recoil disrupted. This left me with no choice but to pull back pivoting on a small wood which afforded my units some cover from the bolts.
Teutonic crossbows enjoy the double cover afforded by the pavisses and woodland!
Mick had tied down a good number of Teutonic spears on the opposite wing with his elusive hobilars, but these guys were as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to close combat and were not helping my situation as my units occupying the small wood came under pressure – they were now forced into a salient. As a consequence Mick and I decided to concentrate our heavy cavalry ready for a charge across the centre of the field to try and save our now beleaguered left wing. This would mean advancing our longbow into hand-to-hand contact in support – not as they should be used, but needs must!
The heavy cavalry clash in the centre
Unfortunately our intentions were telegraphed to our opponents who had their generals and Teutonic knights tactically positioned, ready to receive the charge. But sometimes you just have to do it anyway, and so we launched every unit and three of our generals into hand-to-hand contact. Unfortunately, one of our heavy cavalry units was recoiled by crossbow shooting, which left a hole in our attack line, but still, the initial round of combat smashed a number of units of Teutonic infantry backwards with many stands lost. If these infantry had been ‘C’ class and not ‘B’ class this all-out assault might have proved decisive, however, they just about held and in turn counter-attacked in their following movement phase. Our precious longbow units were now caught-up in the mass melee and were out-fought by the tougher Teutonic Spearmen. Two units of Teutonic knights destroyed two of our units of mounted men-at-arms, after which our ragged line started to break-up.
Teutonic knights charge home against the English longbow
We fought-on for two more game turns hoping for some very favourable dice rolls, but our loss of two generals and broken battle line left Mick and I struggling with unsurmountable command and control problems. We gracefully accepted defeat but gained some solace from the high number of white clad Teutonic units we had consigned to the casualty tray.

Game Analysis
The Tudor army was in major trouble when Tim’s mounted crossbows pushed back our left wing at in the opening moves of the game. This created a salient which we failed to break out of with our frontal assault. Instead, our initial success simply enlarged the salient and we were effectively counter-attacked on three sides resulting in our defeat.
The final roll of the game! Snake eyes for the last remaining heavy cavalry and their general.
Written by Paul K

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Re: Teutonic Order v WOTR Tudor

Post by Norm » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:05 pm

Thanks, enjoyed seeing a meeting of two diverse armies. For my own rules, I am presently looking at and thinking about the role of missile troops and I am siding with rules that openly prevent them being used in a front line melee situation, especially on the offensive.

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Paul K
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Re: Teutonic Order v WOTR Tudor

Post by Paul K » Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:27 pm

I think the issue of using medieval missile troops in offensive hand-to-hand combat roles creates a platform interesting debate. Their role varies considerably in different armies and theatres and there are arguments for and against restricting their role based on historical research.

In this game the English longbow never advanced into contact, but when their fellow billmen and mouted men-at-arms recoiled and routed in front of them, their shooting line was instantly assaulted by Teutonic infantry and mounted - not a fair contest!
Kind regards


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Re: Teutonic Order v WOTR Tudor

Post by Ratty » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:07 pm

Really enjoyed, many thanks for posting. When seeing the initial army lists, I thought the Tudor longbows would prove too much for the Teutonic army. The battle showed the greater mobility of the Teuton missile troops proved very effective at forcing the longbows to shrink their flanks, and severely restricted their devastating volleys.
Many thanks

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