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H&H Medieval queries

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:22 pm
by wargamorium

We played a game using Mongols versus Poles and the following issues arose:

Skirmisher screen : according to the rules skirmisher stands cannot be targeted. Does this mean they are ignored ?

Can artillery (field guns) or any missile troops shoot through enemy skirmishers and target enemy troops behind or do skirmishers block all shooting and thus effectively shield all friendly troops against fire. If so, wouldn’t this make skirmisher screens too powerful ?

Evade/Flee : Units which have E or F capabilities (like Mongols) can choose to either evade or flee from an enemy charge. However, according to the rules, while evading, the enemy can pursue up to its full movement, but while fleeing this is not mentioned. Does this mean that there is no pursuit possible during a ‘voluntary’ flee (compared to a compulsory flee). Is this rule merely omitted by mistake? If not, what is the logic behind this ?

Disengage : Units in melee other than A or B Infantry can only disengage if allowed specifically in the Army lists. Currently no units in any army list have this ability (i.e. no Mongol Cavalry), so which other units are meant here? Incidentally, I understand there will be an updated Army List soon : any forecast when this will be published, will it contain new lists – Ancients ??

That was our third game and we are very pleased with the rules so far.

I look forward to the responses

Robert McLean

Re: H&H Medieval queries

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:26 am
by Paul K
Skirmishing units, one stand per hex, cannot be shot at by enemy artillery or shooters unless in hex-to-hex contact. This contact usually only occurs when skirmish stands are unable to evade.
Missile troops cannot shoot through skirmishers which would be in effect in hex-to-hex contact with an enemy unit.
Can artillery shoot through skirmishers? This has been the subject ofsome debate, probably because of the role of skirmishing infantry in various sets of Napoleonic rules. We allow medieval artillery to shoot through skirmish screens at formed units without penalty. This is based on the belief that the gunners can see targets through the thin line of skirmishers. However, skirmishers can be very useful at shooting and disrupting artillery units which are usually C class.

Evade/flee and pursuit. Example:
If a unit of cavalry with a movement of 4 hexes moves 2 hexes into contact with a unit of Mongol light cavalry (movement 5), the Mongol light cavalry have the option of evading or fleeing. If they choose to evade, they move back 1 or 2 hexes and continue to face the enemy, in which case the enemy cavalry still has 2 of its 4 hexes of movement left, which it can then choose to use to pursue and make contact once more with the evading Mongols, or alternatively stay in its current hex.
When contacted, if the Mongol light cavalry chooose to flee, because it is a 'voluntary' flee move it costs 1 hex to about turn and then moves away upto 4 hexes. The enemy cavalry can then continue to to use up its remaining 2 hexes of movement in 'pursuit' or indeed any direction, but will probably not be able to make contact again with the original Mongol unit which it contacted.

Re: H&H Medieval queries

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:07 am
by Paul K
I wanted to check with the text on the updated rules on disengagement. The ability of any unit to disengage from combat does impact on the way the H&H system plays and for that reason none of the current army lists give any units this ability.
The revised rules can again reserve this ability for particular units, armies, battles or scenarios.
following-up after hand-to-hand combat is closely related to this topic and as this has been addressed with the introduction of the 'shieldwall' rule - 'only A class infantry have the option of not following up after combat.'

Re: H&H Medieval queries

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:06 pm
by wargamorium
Thank you Paul.

We will study your responses and incorporate them into the next game.