AWI Hessian additions

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AWI Hessian additions

Post by Sally » Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:11 am

NEW Hessian AWI figures, 9 new packs now available to order.

Each pack contains bases - Infantry base size: 20x40mm

AWI 45 Hessian Musketeers Advancing inc. Command
AWI 46 Hessian Musketeers Firing inc. Command
AWI 47 Hessian Musketeers Trail Marching inc. Command
AWI 48 Hessian Grenadiers Advancing inc. Command
AWI 49 Hessian Grenadiers Firing inc. Command
AWI 50 Hessian Grenadiers Trail Marching inc. Command
AWI 51 Hessian Fusiliers Advancing inc. Command
AWI 52 Hessian Fusiliers Firing inc. Command
AWI 53 Hessian Fusilier Trail Marching inc. Command


And two more packs will follow shortly!

AWI 54 Hessian 4pdr Gun plus Artillery Crew
AWI 55 Hessian Generals and Officers

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