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Post by Kenneth » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:43 am

I any getting ready to order some Germany and Brtis for Raging Empires and was inquiring about what paints to use to give them the most accurate uniform scheme possible. I am by no means and expert on WWI and am seeking some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

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Post by dane » Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:50 am

Hi Kenneth

Germans had a dark grey tunic with lighter grey trousers the actual grey's would depend on where they where made and how long they had been warn at the front I have seen a photo of 8 german tunics all together and all a different shade. I myself use GW, Mechanicus standard grey and fortress grey on mine.

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Paul K
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Post by Paul K » Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:33 am

Hi Kenneth,
For the Brits I use Vallejo 70.921 English Uniform as a base uniform colour over a light spray matt black primer. I then highlight or dry brush with Miniature paints 87 khaki. For the webbing I use a 50/50 mixture of the same khaki and Miniature paints 62 sand. A slight variation in uniform colour is probably pretty authentic!

For the Germans I use Miniature paints Dark grey 7 highlighted with mid grey 6 and 87 khaki for the helmet cover. You could use mid grey for the trousers highlighted with light grey. I have never tried painting the red unit numbers on the front of the helmet cover but I have met a couple of chaps at wargame shows that have, but I never seen any photographic evidence as yet!
Kind regards


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Post by Kenneth » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:18 am

Thanks for the info guys! Can I possibly get paint lists for the other countries available so I know for future reference?

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Post by LanrezacMini » Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:25 pm

I will try to sent you a pdf file for french and germans.
It's in french for the moment (sorry) :oops:
Campagne de la Marne 1914 Guide Peinture.zip
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